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The Mark Shand Memorial Fund

The Mark Shand Memorial Fund

In Giants' Footsteps

The Mark Shand Memorial Fund

The Asian elephant is seriously endangered. 90% of the population has been lost. There is a real danger that future generations may never witness nature’s greatest masterpiece in the wild. Their habitat is being destroyed at a terrifying rate and they are being ruthlessly poached and traded to extinction.

Mark Shand, the figurehead and driving force behind Elephant Family,  recently died after a tragic accident in New York. His life’s work was saving Asia’s forgotten elephants.

Mark’s mission this year was to reconnect a vital network of forests in Assam. This project holds the key for 1,700 endangered elephants who will not survive if the connections continue to be severed. He was impatient to see this project through as he knew that without help, this population of elephants was doomed. It is a large scale project that requires £823,000 for completion. The project will build safe new homes outside of the danger zone and will return the pathways to the elephants.

Your donation will help make his final wish a reality and will address a modern day issue of our time – the challenge of finite space, and balancing the preservation of our natural world with the needs of a growing human population.

Together we can save this elephant habitat, one giant footprint at a time. 

Please give what you can.