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Elephant Smuggling

Elephant Smuggling

STOP Baby Elephant Smuggling

Elephant Family is fighting to STOP the systematic removal of baby elephants from their forest homes. In order to fuel the tourist industry in Thailand, baby elephants are being captured and subjected to a horrific 'domestication' process, before winding up at elephant camps where tourists pose for pictures with them, unaware of the elephant's tragic story.

This illegal and brutal cross border trade in wild Asian elephants is a very real threat to remaining populations of the endangered species.

  • Extracted from the forest, baby elephants are separated from their families, and subjected to a brutal practice, where they are tied up, confined, beaten and tortured to break their spirits
  • For every wild caught calf that makes it alive into a camp, it is estimated that up to two others will die from this 'domestication' process, and as many as five others are killed during the capture
  • It is estimated that anywhere between 50-100 calves and young females are being traded across the Thai-Myanmar (Burma) border each year, to supply tourist camps

Our action:

Elephant Family is at the forefront of a campaign to combat illegal elephant smuggling, and is lobbying for a review of outdated existing laws, to protect baby elephants and prevent illegal trade. Download the full document for more information.

In conjunction with the Ecologist Film Unit and Link TV, Elephant Family has launched an investigation into the brutal baby elephant smuggling practice. You can watch the report below. 

           If this video is not showing in your browser, you can find it here.

What you can do:

Elephant Family is not calling for a boycott of elephant camps – they rely on tourism to feed and look after those elephants currently in their care – but the systematic removal of Asian elephants from the wild must stop. There are a number of ways you can help  

  • Donate now, and help Elephant Family save baby elephants from the tourist trade 
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