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The Raja Fund for Sumatra’s Elephants

The Raja Fund for Sumatra’s Elephants

Baby Raja died all alone, chained to a tree, crying out for his mum. His death came to all of us as a shocking and sudden blow. We had all been working together to rescue him, and the vets had last reported his health to be stable.

Please will you now help us to ensure that he did not die in vain?

Please contribute to the Raja Fund, set up in his memory, to save others of his kind.

Baby Raja’s death is a symbol of a much wider problem caused by deforestation, vested commercial interests and government inaction. As the forests in Sumatra are cut down, elephants are made homeless. Stressed and starving herds flee from the chainsaws in search of safety and food, and as the elephants walk through farmland they destroy crops and livelihoods.

The villagers that took Raja captive were desperate. By keeping Raja they hoped the Sumatran government would listen and protect them from the tragic fallout of extensive habitat loss. But their ill-conceived action and inexperience ultimately cost Raja his life.

With thanks to The Ecologist / Ecologist Film Unit for their tireless efforts in exposing Raja's plight


In the conflict between man and wildlife, there only ever seems to be one winner. But you can help change that by giving to the Raja Fund.

Raja’s story is the terrible reality of the rampant deforestation that is stripping Sumatra bare. Many more elephants will perish like Raja if this continues.

You can help prevent all this…...

The Raja Fund is being set up to:

· Provide emergency funding to rescue any other elephants facing a similar fate to Raja;

· Help villagers live side by side with wildlife;

· Campaign against the further loss of Sumatra's forests; and

· Keep elephants in the wild, where they belong.

Please donate today.

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